Entrepreneurs on the Move TM sponsors Virtual March on Washington, DC – WE WILL BE HEARD!

On May 1, Entrepreneurs on the Move TM  is sponsoring a Virtual March on Washington, DC with a focus on small business issues.  The theme “WE WILL BE HEARD!” will mobilize those 30 million small businesses with less than 100 employees.  This invisible sector is outraged by the results of the CARES Act funds being misdirected to anyone other than small businesses.  Even with extended funding, the process is slow and a burden.  Many of these small businesses will not make it through this crisis without assistance.

What will the world look like if even 25% of these businesses fail? THEY ARE THE ENGINE of the economy.  The virtual march focuses on those forgotten and invisible small businesses with less than 100 employees that make up 98.1% of the business community.  This segment of the economy is a primary driver creating new jobs but is not represented in significant legislation because they are too small to gain representation. Small business issues are more important than ever.

The march organizers are soliciting participation nationwide.  The participants are asked to send a 1 minute video expressing their experiences during the CARES Act funding and the overall impact on their company.  They are also asked to organize a zoom meetings and/or a Facebook Live and other media to 100 of their friends and associates.  A list of all the links nationwide will be made available to media outlets for coverage.  Dallas will host 4 such events Please select a time that best fits your schedule and register by clicking the link that best fits your schedule:

5/1 at 9:00 am CST: https://bit.ly/EOTM-March2
5/1 at Noon CST: https://bit.ly/EOTM-March
5/1 at 3:00 pm CST: https://bit.ly/EOTM-March3
5/1 at 6:00 pm CST: https://bit.ly/EOTM-March4

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  1. Thoroughly enjoyed hosting one of the sessions today. What a great group of supportive entrepreneurs! I especially appreciate the open, honest, vulnerability shared with each other. We are mighty!