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Pre-Covid-19, there were 30 million small businesses in the United States.  What will the world look like if even 25% of these businesses fail? SMALL BUSINESS IS THE ENGINE that drives the economy.  Small businesses with less than 100 employees make up 98.1% of all businesses in the United States.  This segment is a primary driver creating new jobs but is not represented in significant legislation because individually, we are too small to gain representation. Small business issues are more important than ever.  Join and be heard!

Our Mission

Supporting small business to create a more equitable landscape for entrepreneurs and small business so WE CAN BE HEARD! Large businesses and special interests have their voice, now you have yours! This member organization is about you and getting a fair share.

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Access a library of eLearning resources including videos, podcasts, and blogs.


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Participate in platform development and implementation of influence campaigns.

Member Benefits

Entrepreneurs on the Move™ Online Community

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    • Access a library of training resources
    • Utilize online courses and mentoring
    • Find legal contract discounts to get you started
    • Stay up to date on business news



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    • Make connections with other entrepreneurs
    • Market your business to your peers
    • Meet up at networking events
    • Become a voice to advocate for the small business community
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    • Payroll services
    • CRM’s
    • Merchant Accounts
    • Marketing packages
    • Business Consulting

Discount Services

Lifestyle Discounts

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    • Discounts on travel and hotel
    • Life/Health insurance & reduced prescription cost
    • Retail and entertainment discounts
  • Participate in platform development and implementation of influence campaigns for municipal, state and federal Focus On Small BusinessTM

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