Communicating with your customer during COVID19

What a challenge!  How can I keep in touch with my customer when I am stuck at home?  This is probably one of the biggest challenges during Covid19.  We all have a responsibility to keep ourselves, our staff and our customers safe! 

This is the time to explore new technologies to keep you in business.  I know, I know, more things to learn!!  One of the new technologies you should learn about is Walkabout Office.  This application has utility to help you actually be able to interact directly with your customer.  Think of zoom, but with more features and utility.  As a sample, you can take a look at the Grow DeSoto Virtual Mall.  Visit The Industry Hub by putting your name in the Guest Box and typing my company name in the window as to who you are visiting.

If I am not available, you will be asked to leave a message in Chat.  Leave your name and email or phone number as to how you want to be contacted.  I would be happy to contact you and give you a demo.

The great part is you and your customer are safe, without exposure.  The store/ business can have multiple documents available to share with you like videos, sales, inventory, classes or instructional material.  One of our businesses uses the application to teach her exercise classes.  You can even make the video screen full screen to make it easy for the customer to interact with you.

Watch our Friday Pulse of Small Business, at 11:00 a.m. CT via a zoom call.  Check our social media to get registration information. Each week, we will talk with small businesses and explore challenges and new technologies.  What’s working? What’s not?  We look forward to learning more about your business and how we might help.

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